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Sober Living in Los Angeles, CA

Lucid Recovery

Lucid Recovery is a sober living community that offers long-term recovery residences for individuals transitioning out of residential treatment or other higher levels of substance use treatment.

Our sober living home enables residents to reintegrate into the community, establish long-term sobriety, and live a life beyond their wildest dreams in recovery.


Client Testimonials

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"If you're looking for a safe, supportive, and structured environment to continue your recovery journey, look no further than this sober living program. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt like I was part of a family. I have gained so much from my time here and will always be grateful for this experience."

Erik K.

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Los Angeles, CA 90004

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Our Story

Why did we create Lucid Recovery?

Welcome to Lucid Recovery, where we understand firsthand the struggles of substance use disorder and the journey toward long-term sobriety in early recovery. Our organization was founded by a team of individuals who have personally experienced the challenges of addiction, including unethical treatment centers, rehabs, and sober living houses.

Our journey toward recovery was not an easy one, but it inspired us to create Lucid Recovery. We wanted to provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals could work towards long-term sobriety. Our goal is to help break the cycle of addiction and give our residents the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives in recovery.

At Lucid Recovery, we believe in the power of community and accountability. Our sober living facility provides a structured environment that fosters growth and healing. Our staff is dedicated to supporting our residents every step of the way, from helping them navigate their recovery journey to providing resources and support for long-term success.

We understand that every individual's journey toward recovery is unique, which is why we offer personalized aftercare plans tailored to each resident's needs. Our program focuses on holistic healing, incorporating healthy lifestyle habits, and spiritual practices to help our residents heal mind, body, and spirit.


At Lucid Recovery, we're not just a sober living house - we're a family. Our community is built on trust, transparency, compassion, and understanding, and we're committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and seeking long-term sobriety in Los Angeles, we invite you to join our recovery community at Lucid Recovery. It can be difficult to find sober living near me. Let us help you find your path toward healing and a brighter future.

Sober Living Near Me

Benefits of Sober living in Los Angeles

Access to resources:

Los Angeles has a large recovery community, with a variety of support groups, therapists, and treatment centers available. Sober living facilities in Los Angeles can connect you with these resources to aid in your recovery.


Strong sober community:


Los Angeles has a large and diverse sober community, with people from all walks of life who are committed to sobriety. Sober living in Los Angeles can give you the opportunity to connect with others in recovery and build a strong sober support system.




Los Angeles is known for its healthy lifestyle, with access to fresh produce, yoga studios, and fitness centers. Sober living facilities in Los Angeles often incorporate healthy living and fitness into their programs, providing you with the tools you need to maintain your sobriety and overall well-being.


Career opportunities:


Los Angeles is a hub for many industries, including entertainment, tech, and fashion. Sober living in Los Angeles can provide you with opportunities to network and advance your career.




Los Angeles is known for its warm weather and abundant sunshine. Sober living in Los Angeles can provide you with a bright and positive environment that can aid in your recovery.

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