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Lucid Recovery Services

Career Guidance

Many of our clients have had their career paths severely affected by their substance use disorder. We help our clients optimize their resumes and find jobs helpful to them in their recovery journey.

Financial Wellness

Many of our clients begin their recovery journey in financial disrepair. By providing education on budgeting, saving, and debt management, financial wellness services enable individuals to take control of their financial health and build a strong foundation for their future. 

IOP/Mental Health

Lucid Recovery has partnered with a variety of mental health practitioners and outpatient addiction treatment programs to make sure that our residents always have the appropriate resources available to them.

12-Step Programs

Having 12-step meetings nearby offers numerous benefits to individuals seeking support in their recovery journey. The proximity of these meetings ensures that help and encouragement are always within reach, making it easier for participants to maintain their commitment to sobriety.

Fun in Sobriety

Lucid Recovery residents are a close-knit group that engages in fun activities, without drugs or alcohol. Whether it's hiking, beach excursions, or working out, we teach our residents to enjoy life without substances.

Medication Management

We offer assistance with medication adherence for residents with co-occurring mental health disorders, or who may be undergoing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as a part of their recovery journey.


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